Play & Learn

Play & Learn is renowned in Oman as a leading toy store specializing in educational toys. Established in 2015, it offers a wide array of toys that nurture essential 21st-century skills like creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving. Catering to children from infancy to 14 years, Play & Learn emphasizes product safety and educational value, making it an ideal choice for parents seeking developmental toys for their children.


Blossoms offers a sophisticated selection of floral arrangements, blending artistry and elegance to create stunning displays. Specializing in both classic and contemporary designs, Blossoms caters to various occasions, ensuring each bouquet and arrangement is a unique expression of emotion and beauty. Their service is distinguished by attention to detail and a commitment to bringing joy through flowers.

101 Caffe

Whatever your taste in coffee (or tea), artisanal roastery 101 Caffe has blends from all over the world. From Irish coffees and Morrocan teas, to cinnamon or macaroon flavoured coffee, it’s simply the best place to stock up on your favourite hot drink to be savoured at home.


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