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Scooter safety

Scooter Safety

The use of scooters has become hugely popular, both with children and adults alike within the Al Mouj Community. Whilst it is good to see so many members of our community stay active unfortunately, this type of equipment does come with risks. Without responsible usage and management, and, in some cases, lack of parental supervision, scooters can be dangerous especially when used around cars, bicycles and pedestrians.

Accidents can cause serious injury and even endanger life (of the young riders) particularly when the scooter is moving at speed, and on uneven surfaces like bumpy pavements.

Before your child sets foot on the scooter, bicycle or skateboard, it’s important that the following safety rules are observed:

• Parents are responsible for ensuring that children have adequate safety equipment and that they are fully aware of the rules.
• Children should always wear protective gear when operating a scooter; helmet, knee and elbow pads, suitable footwear. If using an e-scooter, ensure the brakes are working correctly.
• The Royal Omani Police (ROP) have specified that riding on roads is not permitted, even within the community roads at Al Mouj Muscat.
• Riding on pavements is allowed, however riders need to be mindful of pedestrians.
• Ride solo, doubling up is a ‘no-no’.
• Ride smart: follow the rules, keep your speed down, keep both hands on the handle bars, don’t use a mobile device while riding and avoid wearing headphones or ‘showboating’.

Following these practical safety tips will ensure that children and young people remain safe while using scooters, and not jeopardise the well-being of other vehicular or pedestrian road users.

Happy & safe scootering!

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