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Cats in Al Mouj Muscat and the TNR project

Overpopulation of stray cats and dogs is a global problem and is also visible in Oman. Unfortunately, it does not stop at Al Mouj Muscat community, and if left unmanaged, strays on our streets would multiply.


An effective and proven way to manage this is through ‘TNR’, whereby stray animals are trapped (T), neutered (N) and released (R) back into the area where they were originally trapped.


Within Al Mouj Muscat, since September 2019, volunteers neutered 70 cats. Al Mouj Muscat have endorsed a TNR program for cats within the community in conjunction with ‘Animal Rescue in Al Mouj’, an organised group of resident volunteers dedicated to controlling the population of strays within our community in a humane way. To cover veterinary bills, the group depends entirely on private cash donations and raising funds. For more information about Animal Rescue in Al Mouj and how you can help, please contact [email protected].


There are several public health benefits of the programme. Animals that are treated, neutered and released as ‘community cats’ have an ear clipped and/or carry a collar to be recognised. They are disease free, will stop other stay cats from coming into the community, are calmer, won’t fight and naturally keep any rodents in control. To sustain the community cats, the rescue group is feeding them throughout the area, at dedicated feeding stations provided by Al Mouj Muscat.


All pet owners are reminded that cats and dogs must be collared to be easily recognised and neutered by their owner.


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