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2019 Al Mouj Muscat Marathon



Al Mouj Muscat Installs Region’s First Seabin in Al Mouj Marina to Reduce Plastic Waste

In line with its commitment to provide sustainable developments to the community, Al Mouj Muscat has installed the region’s first Seabin at its 5 Gold Anchor Al Mouj Marina. This move comes as part of Al Mouj Muscat’s efforts to protect the environment by reducing plastic waste.

As Oman’s most established ITC, the world-class, award-winning Al Mouj Muscat located in the heart of new Muscat, is the country’s pioneering development for sustainability which enhances and protects the environment it operates in. The Seabin is a floating debris interception device designed to be installed in the calm waters of marinas, yacht clubs and ports that directs rubbish to the surface of the water to the bin that collects floating debris like plastic bottles, bags, as well as micro plastics up to 2mm small. It is also ideal for skimming surface oil with the addition of custom oil pad technology.

Commenting on the project, Khalil Abujaber, Al Mouj Marina Manager said: “We initiated the Seabin project as part of our sustainability initiatives at Al Mouj Marina and Al Mouj Muscat in general. It’s very important to note that this initiative aims to reduce rubbish that might exist in the waters of Oman and already floating in Al Mouj Marina and not a reason to throw waste randomly. We are excited to have this product in place to reduce plastic waste and maintain the beauty and cleanliness of our Marina for residents and visitors to Al Mouj Muscat to enjoy.”

The Seabin can catch an estimated 1.5 Kgs of floating debris per day (depending on weather and debris volumes) including microplastics. It works as the water is sucked in from the surface and passes through a catch bag inside the Seabin, with a submersible water pump capable of displacing 25.000 Lph (liters per hour), plugged directly into 110/220 V outlet. The water is then pumped back into the marina leaving litter and debris trapped in the catch bag.

Al Mouj Marina offers 132 berths which culminates the first phase of a total of 400 on its way to be the largest private yachting destination in the Sultanate, accommodating yachts from 10 to 40 metres. It was the first in the region to be awarded the coveted International Clean Marina Accreditation and has collaborated on a variety of world-leading research projects including pioneering work on oyster longlines and biofouling coatings. Al Mouj Marina also leads community environmental initiatives in Al Mouj Muscat such as beach and reef clean-ups.

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