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Ramadan do’s and don’ts guide

There’s a short time left until Ramadan, here are some tips on the Do’s and Don’ts and how to get the best out of the holy month.


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and it is during this month that the holy Quran was revealed and Muslims observe fasting from sunrise to sunset for 30 days.


Muslims usually wake up before sunrise and eat a meal called suhoor, and then fast the entire day until sunset - the fast is broken by a meal called iftar. Repeat for the entire month. During Ramadan one doesn’t only abstain from food and drink, but more importantly from bad habits and behaviours. The hunger and thirst one feels is supposed to develop patience, self-restraint and gratitude. The overall significance of Ramadan is to get closer to God.


DO embrace the community spirit and wish a blessed Ramadan to Muslim friends and colleagues.


DON’T eat, chew, drink or smoke in public during the hours of daylight, even if you’re not Muslim.


DO accept food and drink when offered during Iftar, it is a sign of respect and friendliness.


DO stay calm. Work might be a little less productive and people who are fasting might be a little tired, but be patient with everyone this month.


DON’T play loud music as it may offend those who are fasting. Playing music through your headphones is allowed as long as it is not audible to the people around you.


DON’T dress inappropriately or wear tight fitting clothes – modesty is key.


DO try fasting for a day. It’s a good way to understand your own needs and self-control as well as a way to understand what your Muslim friends and colleagues are going through this month.


DON’T worry if all these rules feel like a lot. Ramadan is a peaceful and serene time that lasts a month so try and enjoy it while it’s here.


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