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Project Updates

Project Updates


Community Hub - Construction work on the new Community Hub and mosque is progressing well, with the Customer Experience Centre and kindergarten scheduled for completion by the end of the year. The mosque is set for completion in March next year. We’re excited to see these great facilities coming on board soon, and will keep you posted on further developments.

Gate Access Barriers – Work to Begin Soon


Gate A (Street 4) We’ve been monitoring traffic accessing Gate A from the main entrance and, in order to reduce the queue of vehicles entering this gate, we’re pushing the gate barrier back to allow more cars to turn right to access the barrier. This will help ease the flow of traffic.

Gate D We have taken note of residents’ concerns regarding tailgating at the single gate barrier over at gate D. We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be introducing double barriers to prevent tailgating.

Work on both gates A and D will take place during the course of the summer.


Golf Course Access Road – Good news for members and visitors to the golf course. Currently, anyone leaving the golf course and looking to head out towards Muscat/Airport needs to turn right to drive towards the main gate at Al Mouj, and then do a U-turn at the roundabout. This problem will be resolved in the coming months as work is taking place to create a new access road to enable drivers to turn left when exiting Al Mouj Golf. Work on the access road is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.


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