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Healthy Food Swaps

Eating healthily with every meal or snack can be a challenge,but simply replacing some of your usual pantry staples withhealthier options can help in a big way! When we’re hungry,we tend to reach for what’s on hand, but by keeping healthyfood around us, we set ourselves up for nutritional success;this is where the benefts of food swaps can be invaluable.

It doesn’t mean you need to eliminate all ‘bad’ foods fromyour diet altogether; rather balance your diet and reach fornutritious options more often, building better habits will leadto a healthier YOU along the way.


Here’s a few swaps to get you started, pretty soon you’ll comeup with some of your own…why not get the children involved

You don’t need to radically change your diet to eat healthier.Small changes like these food swaps can mean betterchoices and create healthy habits, bringing you closer to yournutritional and wellness goals. Happy Swapping!


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