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Going Away for the Summer

Going Away for the Summer?


Living in this part of the world, summer travelling is a given for most people, which is why they probably don’t need a checklist of what to take with them. However, it’s always helpful to have a rundown of what items you should check before leaving home and heading off. Here are a few tips to ensure your getaway is a peaceful one…

  1. Unplug non-essential appliances and household electronics. These include TVs, microwaves, ovens, hobs, blenders, computers, lamps, video games, and so on. Don’t turn off the fridge/freezer, of course, unless it is empty.

  2. Remove all trash – the last thing you want, is to come back to a smelly home.

  3. Ensure all utility bills, including any cooling charges, are up to date to avoid disconnections while you’re away.

  4. Do not leave unsecured items on the balcony. Ensure they are brought inside, particularly if there is a risk of them getting damaged or moved around during any adverse weather.

  5. Do not keep large amounts of cash at home. If you can bank it, then do so.

  6. If you have plants, water them before you leave or arrange for a neighbour to take care of them if you’re away for an extended period.

  7. Turn off douches in the bathrooms.

  8. Secure all windows and doors.



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