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“I’m so passionate about this community!” ̶ Making our community great

“I’m so passionate about this community!” ̶

Making our community great

As a continuing feature, we meet another two Advisory Committee Members to get to know more about the valuable contribution they make, working closely with Al Mouj Muscat. In this edition, Pulse interviewed Ingemar Jonsson and Frouke Noorman from the Townhouse and Villa Committees two long-serving committee members, respectively.

Ingemar Jonsson (Townhouse Committee Member)



How long have you lived in Al Mouj? I’ve lived in Oman for the past 15 years and in Al Mouj since 2014. Both my wife and I are now retired. We spend the bulk of our time in Muscat and take an annual break in the summer months to Sweden in Europe and South America as my wife is Brazilian and her family is based just outside São Paulo.

Your motivation for community involvement? Firstly, I want to hold Al Mouj Muscat to account and know that our collective service charges are reasonable and fair. Moreover, that they are being utilised for the optimum community benefit and represent the best value for money. Secondly, I would like to inspire others to get involved. The more owners who participate, the greater the voice and currency we hold with the developer.

What character traits best define you? I’d say that I’m open-minded and amenable to new ideas. I am ethical with the highest levels of integrity, and deplore injustice. I would say I like to learn from my mistakes, and strongly feel one should have the conviction of one’s beliefs. It’s far better to have the courage to struggle and fail, than not to try at all!

If you had a magic wand, what would you change about our community? I would like to address the issue of the main entrance in Street 4. I don’t think this area was ever designed to cope with the sheer volume of traffic that it currently endures. So maybe a facelift with smarter infrastructure solutions, or maybe incentivising some of the traffic to use other entrances with greater capacity…I have an open mind on visitors coming to the community so long as it is not at the expense of those who are living in the community, either today or in the future.       

What’s your favourite thing about living in the community? For me it has to be the community in itself and the sense of belonging that one gets from living in Al Mouj. I’ve lived in cities and developments in different locations around the world, each one of them have their individual benefits but none of them represent such a complete well-rounded offer and a diversity of experiences, people and opinions. Al Mouj is such a unique, agreeable and charming complex that I am happy to call my home.

Any final words? I am so passionate about this community, and would urge everyone to get involved, we can all do our own little bit. If you’re unhappy about things, don’t just complain about it, make sure your voice is heard, get involved in the Advisory Groups, talk to us, tell us your issues and we’ll ensure that your thoughts and concerns are raised. As a collective, we are a formidable community, Al Mouj Muscat are willing to listen, together we can strive to make this community even better.      

Frouke Noorman (Villa Committee Member)



What brought you to Al Mouj? I have been a part of the Al Mouj community for the past three years, and originally came to Oman due to my husband’s posting. We both immediately fell in love with the country and decided to make it our home. We have raised our children here, and intend to spend our working life and retirement here too.

How do you see your role on the committee? Frouke has a background in nursing and has been a swimming instructor for the last 20 years. She sees her role in the advisory committee very much as a bridge between residents and Al Mouj management. I enjoy it and have always volunteered in this capacity in developments I have lived in.

The three character traits that define you? I’d say that I’m staunchly determined, resolute and principled, open and honest. If I make a mistake, I’m more than happy to own up to it and see what I can do to make it better.

If you had a magic wand, what top three things would you change about our community? Oh, there are so many thoughts I have on this matter, so I’m going to tell you my top 3 instead of my top priority. Firstly, I would make Al Mouj a plastic-free zone – we’ve started our recycling journey in Al Mouj and I think this would be the natural progression. Secondly, I would take a stronger approach to enforce speed limits and increase general awareness, especially as there are a growing number of pedestrians. Lastly, as the community increases in size, I’d like to see a 24/7 medical facility onsite to cover everything from an initial triage assessment, to dispensing emergency medical care until external medical support arrives.

What’s your favourite thing about living in this community? I love the tree-lined boulevards, and the energy that Al Mouj puts into offering high-quality green leisure spaces, especially the pocket parks and play spaces for youngsters.

Who do you admire and why? My parents, for the values that they have instilled in me, which have always held me in good stead. These include tolerance and acceptance towards everyone; celebrating diversity and differing opinions; and being respectful and humble. In turn, I have ingrained these values in my daughters.

Any final words? My door is always open to anyone in need of any support, help or guidance. I am passionate about supporting the community; You can contact me via the email listed below and I will do my best to offer advice and help, or point you in the right direction.

Thank you to Ingemar & Frouke - watch out for more interviews in our next edition.

How do residents get in touch with the Committees?Email them at the following addresses:

Villa Committee: [email protected]

Townhouse Committee (St" 4 & 6): [email protected]

Apartments and Neem  Committee: [email protected]


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