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A Marine Biodiversity Team’s report confirms an abundance of marine life now in evidence at the 40,000 sqm man-made reef alongside Al Mouj Muscat


Al Mouj Muscat, Oman's leading leisure and lifestyle destination, is delighted with news that the artificial reef it co-commissioned in 2014 has resulted in a huge increase in the number of species and variety of marine life that now live within the Sea of Oman.

Working in partnership with the Sultanate's Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Al Mouj Muscat co-created the 40,000 sqm area of man-made reef to provide the ideal breeding ground for fish and other underwater creatures. The marine farm complex was the first of its kind in the Sultanate, and at the time of its construction, only three fish were identified.

Now, a report from a Marine Biodiversity Team, shows that the structure has succeeded in transforming marine life and is home to 25 species, including Longfin Bannerfish, Bigeye Snapper and Spotfin Lionfish.

The reef was built by world leading sustainable marine farm designers, Haejoo using 60 1.4 tonne 'Arab Marine Pyramids' so called because of their shape. Located between Seeb and Bausher some 5km to the east of Al Mouj Marina, the reef is not only ensuring that marine life can flourish but is in turn supporting the local fishing and tourism industries by attracting diving enthusiasts.

Commenting on the incredible impact that the reef has had, Mr. Nasser Al Sheibani, CEO of Al Mouj Muscat says: “I was delighted to receive this report on the success of the artificial reef. Sustainability has always been a key focus for Al Mouj Muscat. We have created Oman’s leading lifestyle destination and that has been achieved in balance with our aims to protect the unmatched natural setting of our community.

“Al Mouj Muscat is ‘Life Inspired’ and we are now recognized for implementing best sustainable practices across our operations. We remain committed to responsible stewardship and innovation as we protect Oman’s environmental and natural resources and the reef plays a vital part in that.”

Set along 6km of beautiful coastline, Al Mouj Muscat is now the Sultanate’s leading leisure and lifestyle destination, a joint venture between Majid Al Futtaim Properties, OMRAN, and Tanmia. Al Mouj Muscat is home to 85 nationalities and 6,000 people and its Integrated Tourism Complex (ITC) status in Oman provides non-Omani buyers the opportunity to enjoy freehold ownership of their property as well as residency for themselves and their first-degree relatives.


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