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Al Mouj Muscat Celebrates spirit of Ramadan with fun-filled Qarankasho

Muscat, 3 June 2018 – As part of its celebrations during the holy month of Ramadan, Al Mouj Muscat, has brought ‘Qarankasho’, one of the best events in the calendar during this holy month. The event is being celebrated on the fifteenth night of Ramadan by capturing the spirit of Ramadan and the imagination of the children.

Al Mouj Muscat’s fun-filled Qarankasho attracted more than a thousand of the children who were dressed in traditional clothes and took part in the Qaranqasho Kids Candy Hunt game. Children had to collect stickers from ‘candy ladies’ to claim their treat bags and collect candy from stations placed throughout the Marsa Plaza. Families didn’t miss the chance to capture the fun too with their children who enjoyed the night.

It’s worth mentioning that Marsa Plaza is the first public social and leisure hub in the country. This new addition at Al Mouj Muscat serves as a natural corridor for people crossing paths between Al Mouj Marina, The Walk and other residential areas. Public spaces, like this, play a significant role in the social life of communities and this modern interpretation of a town square gives residents and visitors a unique space to gather and enjoy a world-class lifestyle experience.


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