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Al Mouj Muscat accords a priority for SMEs and start-ups

Al Mouj Muscat CEO says: SMEs create a unique sense of place, and support economic diversification in line with the Oman 2040 Vision.

Muscat, Oman, 21 July 2019: Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are playing a vital role in the success of Al Mouj Muscat, as the Integrated Tourism Complex (ITC) continues its growth as a diverse and vibrant community.

According to Nasser bin Masoud Al Sheibani, CEO of Al Mouj Muscat, creating a place where locally owned businesses can thrive has been part of the community’s strategic plan throughout its development. That not only helps shape Al Mouj Muscat’s unique sense of place, but also contributes to the diversification and growth of the Omani economy, in line with the Oman 2040 Vision.

“SMEs play a critical role in national and local economies, and Al Mouj Muscat has consistently supported local entrepreneurs in establishing and growing new ventures,” said Al Sheibani.

“As an Integrated Tourism Complex (ITC), we have a clear role in developing tourism-related enterprises, in particular. Al Mouj Marina has successfully partnered with a select range of local start-ups, SMEs and other partners to offer an array of leisure activities, from diving and charters to wakeboarding and jet-skiing.”

To recognise the achievement of SMEs that operate within it, Al Mouj Marina has recently rewarded its top-performing partners with benefits to support them enhance their marketing exposure and customer experience. The initiative focuses on providing SMEs with support to enhance their businesses, particularly their customer service standards, through various improvements.

While the 13 tour operators and other marine businesses now operating from Al Mouj Marina are a particular source of pride, Al Mouj Muscat is also engaging with start-ups across the board. Independent retail stores, restaurants and cafes are a feature of the main leisure areas – The Walk, Marsa Plaza and The Promenade, and in the past winter a food trucks area was added, allowing entrepreneurs to test the market for their ideas.

In all, Al Mouj Muscat has more than 30 SMEs operating within the development and supports more than 120 throughout its diverse projects and businesses.

“We support a growing number of SMEs and hope to support more in the future,” said Al Sheibani. “Al Mouj Muscat has invested in many local Omani businesses and entrepreneurs in terms of guidance and funding. By supporting SMEs and local suppliers, the company remains committed to the country’s vision of supporting the expansion and diversification of the Omani economy.”

Al Mouj Muscat has also hosted the seasonal Souq es Sabt – the Saturday Market – which is Muscat’s first and only farmers’ market offering fresh seasonal produce, and this year held a Ramadan Night Market on the last weekend before Eid Al Fitr. The Ramadan event was a joint initiative with Riyada – the Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development – and offered an array of Omani food and handicrafts, fashion, art exhibits, books, and other products, including unique concepts.

Every initiative builds on Al Mouj Muscat’s mission to bring about transformational change to create a more sustainable future. To serve a larger national purpose, Al Mouj Muscat has made societal value creation the core of its business strategy.

“It is gratifying to see Al Mouj Muscat is going through a very rewarding journey to realise its aspiration to be a source of sustainability in Oman,” said Al Sheibani. “We are delighted to embrace a strategic approach for innovation and growth. Encouraging this strategy will contribute to scaling up action for a sustainable future.”


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