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70 million LTI



Al Mouj Muscat achieves record breaking 70 Million man-hours without LTI

16 May 2018: Oman’s leading Integrated Tourism Complex (ITC), Al Mouj Muscat, has become one of the first in the region to reach 70 million man-hours without a lost time incident (LTI). This significant safety milestone, achieved in over 10 years, highlights Al Mouj Muscat’s stringent and ongoing commitment to safety in the workplace for all personnel, and underlines its status as a leading developer and partner.

The milestone is an impressive accomplishment for such a large scale development with an average 2,400 personnel annually on-site. Since 2015, when records were updated, more than 40 million man hours have been worked, under 70 subcontractors, with only an average of three first aid or medical treatments required each year – a remarkable number for any business, especially an integrated tourism complex. 

Commenting on the landmark, Nasser bin Masoud Al Sheibani, CEO of Al Mouj Muscat, said: “At Al Mouj Muscat, our number one priority is safety. It is an integral part of our culture which is instilled in each member at Al Mouj Muscat and we encourage safety via participation, with every level being educated on best practises. The creation and rigorous implementation of HSE systems and our ongoing commitment to ensuring all our employees have comfortable working environment, is what brings us to this celebratory moment in our history. I thank our employees, onsite workers and contractors for setting these exceptional new benchmarks in our safety performance.”
The momentous record-breaking achievement, was recognised at a special ceremony attended by Al Mouj Muscat's employees, consultants and contractors, many of whom have had a relationship with Al Mouj Muscat for the past 10 years. 

The CEO continues, ‘’Al Turki Enterprises, for instance, have been a key partner to Al Mouj Muscat over the years and have been responsible for the construction of the residential properties. They have been integral to reaching 70 million man-hours without a lost time incident. 

XXX of Al Turki Enterprises added, “We have been entrusted by Al Mouj Muscat as its key construction partner for ten years and we are proud to be marking this milestone together. We believe this is a true reflection of team work and shows that with extensive attention to the highest safety standards, an achievement of this magnitude is possible.” 

Use of general safe work practices are important to reduce lost time incidents. The world-class results achieved by Al Mouj Muscat can be attributed to a number of factors, making it a HSE leader not only in Oman but also internationally. These include: 

The CEO concludes: “As Al Mouj Muscat continues to grow, we will continue to ensure the same stringent policies are adhered to and even improved upon. This achievement gives us a positive platform to build on in the future, and we look forward to standing here in another 10 years celebrating the next milestone.” 



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