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7 Tips to boost your immune system naturally


Get enough sleep - Sleep and immunity are closely linked, insufficient or poor quality sleep makes us more susceptible to illness.

Eat fruits and vegetables – Whole plants like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are rich in nutrients and antioxidants which naturally give your immunity a boost.

Eat healthy fats – Not all fats are bad! Healthy fats are in coconut and olive oil(s), salmon (and oily fish) and nuts like almonds. All are good at helping immune responses by decreasing inflammation.

Try fermented or probiotic foods - Fermented and pickled foods are rich in beneficial bacteria called probiotics that naturally live in our gut. Yogurt (like laban or lassi), sauerkraut and pickled turmeric are good.

Engage in moderate exercise – Regular, moderate exercise helps reduce inflammation and regenerates our immunity cells.

Manage your stress levels – Important given stress causes inflammation and can lead to an imbalance in immune cell function.

Limit added sugars - Added sugar and sweeteners (refined carbohydrates) affect our immunity by lowering our resistance to disease. They can also lead to weight gain with obesity.

Note: No supplement, diet, or lifestyle modification, aside from continued social distancing and practicing rigorous hygiene regimes, can protect against


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