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Clean marina Let’s all do our bit

Keeping our marina and sea environments litter free is everyone’s responsibility, whether you are sailing, a beach goer, a resident or visitor at our marina. We encourage responsible litter disposal as it is essential if we are to protect our environment and reduce any harmful impact on marine animals.

Our marina staff conduct several water cleaning rounds every day using our work boat as well as using the SeaBin unit. In our ongoing efforts, residents and visitors play a crucial role in keeping our marina, sea and the environment clean and safe.

As a reminder, please:

1. Do not throw any type of litter in the marina
2. Avoid leaving empty cans, bags, cups etc. laying around the promenade, they get blown into the marina
3. Proper disposal of masks and gloves – there’s only one place, in the bin!

Notices will soon be going up near the marina to remind visitors to take care of their litter. So, join us in our campaign and let’s all do our bit!


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