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Happy Worker

Wheelie happy worker Passionate about supporting our Community

Henriette, a resident and a founding member of the Al Mouj ‘The Wave’ Community Facebook page, has highlighted the case of a Nepalese worker called Siri who works within the Community. His only means of transport was his cherished bicycle, which was stolen when he visited a grocery store outside of Al Mouj.

Siri couldn't afford a replacement cycle and was walking to and from work. Henriette launched a campaign on Facebook to have a replacement bicycle donated. This appeal was seen by our Community Management Team who had an inspirational solution; our Security Team has recovers numbers of cycles from around the community which have been abandoned. After undertaking a 6 month ‘lost and found’ protocol, if they remain unclaimed after 12 months, the cycles are donated to charity.

Our team authorised one such cycle to be fully serviced and cleaned, then arranged for Al Mouj staff to gift the cycle and it was presented to Siri, along with his wife, and Henriette.

“I’m so happy! Thank you to Al Mouj, without your help and support I would be lost! When my cycle was stolen, I knew I’d never get it back.
“My legs were hurting with all the extra walking...I’m so grateful that Ms Henriette thought of me and Al Mouj gave me this precious gift!”

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