How does Al Mouj Muscat measure sustainability?

Al Mouj’s Sustainability Framework is built upon five key pillars that will enable Al Mouj to achieve its vision of becoming a world-class tourist destination and sustainable community.

1. Diversified Economic Growth

Commercial Success
Employment Creation
Local Supply Chain Linkages
Tourism Development and Economic Diversification
2. Promotion of Omani People and Culture

Omani Cultural and Heritage Conservation
Omani Employee Attraction and Retention
Omani Talent Nurturing
Local Community Development

3. Eco-Friendly Living
Efficient Resource Use
Waste and Emissions Reduction
Biodiversity Protection
Low-Impact Mobility

4. Exceptional Lifestyle
Product Quality
Customer Experience
Healthy Lifestyle and Leisure Opportunities
Neighbourhood Safety
Employee and Contractor Health and Safety

5. Good Governance
On-track Project Delivery
Stakeholder Accountability and Inclusiveness
Risk Management


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