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General Questions

Does Al Mouj Muscat deal with a specific bank to arrange for a mortgages?
Al Mouj Muscat has an agreement with the following banks:Bank Muscat, HSBC, Oman Arab Bank, Bank Beirut, National Bank of Oman, Bank Nizwa and Bank Dhofar. You may approach the mortgage departments of the aforementioned Banks directly.
When will I receive my title deed and what is the process required to get my title deed?
Title deeds are not necessarily ready at the time the property is completed. Sometimes it takes time as we need to liaise with Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning. Once the title deeds are ready to be issued, an email from Al Mouj customer service team will be sent to the owners of the property confirming that the title deeds are ready to be issued. All the information will be provided in the email.
Will I be entitled for a residence visa during the construction period?
Please refer to our Service Guide of Visa
After settling the initial 10% payment at the Sales office, how will I know that construction on the property has started?
You will receive an email from our customer service confirming that construction on your property has started. Please ensure that the email provided is active and up to date.
General Enquiries

Al Mouj Muscat's exceptional facilities are matched with an unparalleled customer service experience. A team of professional executives is always available to respond to your needs in a friendly, prompt and reliable manner. We strive to provide our valued customers with personalised service covering a range of enquiries all throughout the customer journey starting from the time of purchase, such as:

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Payment-related information
  • Handover of property
  • Quality assurance standards
  • Utilities enquiries
  • Home warranty requests
  • Title deed registration
  • Visa and residency procedures
  • Transfer of ownership
  • General enquiries

    Contact Details
    Toll Free: 80077776
    Contact Centre: +968 24534444
    Emergency Number: +968 24534555
    Email: [email protected]
    Fax: +968 24534401
    Office Timing: 8:00am to 4:30pm.
Can I sell my property while its under construction?
Yes, you can. You must however settle at least (40%) of the value of the property before doing so. You will then need to contact our customer service team who will inform you of all the requirements. You may send them an email on [email protected]

Sustainability features

How does Al Mouj Muscat measure sustainability?

Al Mouj’s Sustainability Framework is built upon five key pillars that will enable Al Mouj to achieve its vision of becoming a world-class tourist destination and sustainable community.

       1. Diversified Economic Growth

  • Commercial Success
  • Employment Creation
  • Local Supply Chain Linkages
  • Tourism Development and Economic Diversification

         2. Promotion of Omani People and Culture

  • Omani Cultural and Heritage Conservation
  • Omani Employee Attraction and Retention
  • Omani Talent Nurturing
  • Local Community Development

    3. Eco-Friendly Living
  • Efficient Resource Use
  • Waste and Emissions Reduction
  • Biodiversity Protection
  • Low-Impact Mobility

    4. Exceptional Lifestyle
  • Product Quality
  • Customer Experience
  • Healthy Lifestyle and Leisure Opportunities
  • Neighbourhood Safety
  • Employee and Contractor Health and Safety

    5. Good Governance
  • On-track Project Delivery
  • Stakeholder Accountability and Inclusiveness
  • Risk Management

What are Al Mouj Muscat's key sustainability highlights?

Al Mouj Muscat has strong sustainability policies in place and regularly invests resources as a priority to ensure it is protecting its beautiful destination and contributing to a sustainable future for Oman. For example -

  • Recycle green waste generated by the community to create agricultural fertilizer
  • Use treated effluent water to irrigate Al Mouj golf course
  • Placed artificial coral reefs to increase sea life and support fishing communities
  • 12m2 green space per resident
  • Over 4,700 tonnes green waste is composted each year
  • 94% spending is with locally based suppliers
  • 63% Omanisation
  • 0 employee and contractor lost time injury rate (LTR)
  • 16 hours average training per employee


Who is eligible to purchase at Al Mouj Muscat?
With Al Mouj Muscat’s Integrated Tourism Complexes (ITC) status in Oman, non-Omani buyers can enjoy freehold ownership of their property and are eligible to apply for residency for themselves and their first-degree relatives.

Visa & Residency

Can Al Mouj Muscat assist in the process?
Upon request, Al Mouj Muscat may provide a PRO service to assist property purchasers and owners with obtaining residency and multi-entry visas. For more details, please contact our customer service team.
What is the requirement for housemaid visa?
  • This visa type is only possible for a property purchaser with a title deed (Mulkeiya) issued under their name along with a valid residency visa and resident card
  • Copy of the property title deed and krookie Letter from AMM
  • A copy of the valid residency visa issued under the Owner’s name (applicant), along with a copy of the Resident Card
  • Valid Passport copy

(Please refer to Royal Oman Police for specific requirements).

This is valid for (2) Years (Renewable).

What is the requirement for Multiple Entry Visa?
  • Letter from AMM
  • Passport copy

(Please refer to Royal Oman Police for specific requirements).

This is valid for (6) to (12) months (Subject to ROP).

The holder of the visa shall not stay for more than (3) weeks in the visit to Oman.

What is the requirement for Residency Visa?
  • Copy of the property title deed and krooki
  • No Objection Certificate from previous sponsor (if any)
  • Letter from AMM
  • Proof of Relation (In case of joint owners)
  • Valid Passport copy

(Please refer to Royal Oman Police for specific requirements).

This is valid for (2) Years (Renewable).

What types of residency visas are possible by purchasing a property at Al Mouj Muscat?

Visa types include multiple-entry, residency and housemaid. All property purchasers at Al Mouj Muscat (AMM), whose title deeds (Mulkeiya) are not issued, are entitled to apply for this type of visa. A property purchaser can apply for the same type of visa for his or her first degree relatives.

Title Deed

General Forms


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