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Oman the Jewel of Arabia

Oman the Jewel of Arabia


About Oman

Steeped in tradition yet modern in outlook, Oman is the essence of a Middle Eastern country that has emerged from history as a forward thinking and culturally diverse nation. The Sultanate is both romantic and timeless offering its residents every opportunity to embrace the twenty first century without compromising the riches of a more traditional way of life.

It has been described as the jewel of Arabia and with good reason. Much of its dramatic coastline remains untouched with majestic mountains soaring from the arid interior regions right down to the sea.

The Sea of Oman teems with all manner of sea life and turtles choose to nest in vast numbers on the quiet pristine beaches.

The Wahiba Sands offer the chance of fairy tale desert adventures and the Boswellia trees of the Dhofar region yield an abundance of frankincense. In this land there is something for everyone.

Muscat, Oman’s capital city, is the cosmopolitan hub of the country. With a population of nearly two million people, it boasts the beautiful Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and a jaw dropping, state of the art opera house that has contributed enormously to the cultural life of its residents.

Traditional souqs successfully co-exist with modern shopping malls and the city hosts an array of world-class hotels. Commercial life is vibrant as Muscat attracts a growing number of international companies and the economy grows more robust year by year.

Most remarkable about Oman is the warmth of its people. Their natural smiles and words of welcome embody what it means to be hospitable. Living in Oman is a truly rewarding experience and it soon becomes clear why many people who visit this ancient land choose to stay a little longer.

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