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Community cat goes Dutch!

A cat’s tail Community cat goes Dutch!

Meet Kiara, an Al Mouj street kitten, who, in 2019, was put up for adoption by Al Mouj Animal Rescue (a group of volunteers that helps maintain a cat friendly environment for residents.) Kiara was taken in by an expat family and lived happily with them for 2 years in their townhouse.

Last September, the family planned to relocate back to the Netherlands, their home country. However, three days before departure, Kiara went missing! Despite a thorough search she was not found; the family, saddened and distraught, departed to the Netherlands without her.

In November 2020, a customer contacted Community Management reporting that a cat had taken refuge in his townhouse backyard, (the resident had very kindly fed and provided water for it). The Community Manager spoke to Al Mouj Animal Rescue and it came to light that that cat was Kiara. The Dutch family were delighted to hear the news!

Finally, in January 2021, Al Mouj Animal Rescue and the family made arrangements for Kiara to be shipped to the Netherlands. She is waiting for flights to resume and will soon be reunited with her family.

Adriana from the Al Mouj Animal Rescue commented:

“We’re delighted at this happy ending. Kiara’s story is quite unique. In general, it’s vitally important that cat owners look after their pets, this includes neutering and chipping them, and keeping cats indoors at night.”

The Pulse would like to thank the selfless volunteers of the Al Mouj Animal Rescue for the vitally important work and educational role they play.

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