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The Write Stuff

The Write Stuff

“Reading brings us unknown friends”
― Honoré de Balzac

Yoga, sailing, running, swimming, cycling, diving – there are almost endless ways to enjoy your leisure time at Al Mouj Muscat. With a community as vibrant as ours, resident Marion O’Byrne sensed that one of her passions could help elevate the Al Mouj Book Club.

“There are few pleasures as life-enhancing as reading. It opens new worlds, experiences and ideas and there is a particular joy in sharing a good book with others,” says Dr Marion. After she approached Al Mouj to see how she could help, we were honoured to whiteness her passion and commitment.

Since its inception, Al Mouj Book Club’s has been a valuable way for residents to meet and spend time together both virtually and in person. Hearing new perspectives on old favourites, being introduced to new classic reads and joining lively discussions is the stuff of all good book clubs and the Al Mouj Book Club has inspired more than 60 people to join.

It has been so popular that we helped arrange for it to become several clubs in one, with smaller sessions ensuring that everyone can participate. With restrictions receding, it will now be possible for club members to start meeting at one of our many cafes and restaurants.

We are sure Dr Marion’s hard work, and the love of a great read will lead to some equally great friendships.

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