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Animal Rescue

Trap, Neuter, Release

Animal Rescue in Al Mouj is a small group of resident volunteers who focus on the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) of stray cats within our community, to control the stray cat population. They feed the cats in approved feeding areas and care for injured or sick cats.

The group are self-funded so welcome cat food donations, household items that are in good condition that can be resold, or donations directly to their vet bills.

The group’s advice to pet owners in Al Mouj is as follows:
• Help the community by ensuring your pets are neutered, this has health benefits for your pets and creates calmer behaviour.
• If your pets go outside, please put a collar with a name tag and your con tact details so they’re recognized as pets.
• Don’t bring cats in from outside the community. Cats are territorial so the community cats will not tolerate strangers.
• Ensure your departure plans include your pets when you leave the community. It is cruel to leave a domesticated cat outside with the community cats who have the survival skills that a domestic cat has not learnt.
• The cat that you think you’re helping will struggle in adapting to a change to its usual environment and may not survive.

Finally, please be cautious when driving around the community, not just for pedestrians but spare a thought for our four-legged friends.

Thank you to all residents in the community who offer their support this initiative. If you would like to become a volunteer or get involved, please join the Facebook page, we welcome your support!

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