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CEO Message

A message from Nasser Al Sheibani CEO of Al Mouj Muscat

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my profound heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you, our esteemed residents, for your support and cooperation since the start of the pandemic in tackling, diminishing and abating the fallout and adverse effects of the COVID-19 crisis.

With your collaboration and partnership, we were able to keep our community safe, your collective actions and compliance with guidelines, and conformity to directives, greatly reduced and negated the widespread impact of this global pandemic within our Community.

I have also been appraised of, and personally witnessed, the resilience of our Community residents; demonstrating tolerance, restraint, sensitive and compassion towards each other, and the creation of individual ‘Community Champions’ that have used their tenacity, imagination and agility to create positive sentiment and uplift community spirits during periods of lockdown and beyond.
Finally, I’d like to leave you with a parting thought; if there is a silver lining to this crisis, it would be my desire and aspiration to harness and utilise our shared learning and good practices, that have been forged and fashioned within this pandemic, and employ them to further enhance and epitomise our Community living experience.

Wishing you all the best – stay vigilant, stay safe!

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