Customer Service

Al Mouj Muscat strives to provide you the best customer service experience possible. Our Customer Service Team is composed of professional executives who are ready to respond to your needs in a prompt and reliable manner. At the Customer Service Department, we provide our valued customers with personalized service covering a range of inquiries all throughout the customer journey starting from the time of purchase. This may include queries related to

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Payment-related information
  • Handover of property
  • Quality assurance standards
  • Utilities inquiries
  • Home warranty requests
  • Title deed registration
  • Visa and residency procedures
  • Transfer of ownership
  • General enquiries

Al Mouj Muscat strive to meet the needs of all our customers and deliver our services to the highest standards. As part of the company’s corporate strategy of putting customers first, Al Mouj Muscat Contact Centre  serves as a one-stop solution hub for all needs of our customers. The Contact Centre is manned by seasoned customer service professionals who offer assistance on all aspects of Al Mouj Muscat’s master-planned neighborhoods.


Contact Details

Contact Centre: +968 24534444
Emergency Number: +968 24534555
Fax: +968 24534401
Office Timing: 9 am to 4:30 pm



General Guides

Al_Mouj_Muscat_-_Tenancy_Service_Guide_English Al_Mouj_Muscat_-_Visa_Residency_Guide_English Al_Mouj_Muscat_-_Handover_Fact_Sheet Al_Mouj_Muscat_-_Warranty_Fact_Sheet

Tenancy Service Guide 

Purchaser’s guide to obtaining a no objection certificate from AMM addressed to municipality for the purpose of tenancy (In case the title deed is not issued).

Visa Service Guide

Purchaser’s guide to obtaining a No Objection Letter from AMM addressed to concerned authorities for the purpose of obtaining a visa.

Handover Factsheet

The Factsheet explains step to step process of property handover

Warranty Factsheet

The factsheet explains warranty coverage to the property and detail listing of warranty coverage

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Title Deed

Al_Mouj_Muscat_-_Title_Deed_Guide_English Al_Mouj_Muscat_-_Purchaser_Details_Registration_of_Title_Form Al_Mouj_Muscat_-_Title_Deed_Registration_Form

Title Deed Guide

Purchaser’s guide to property title deed registration process.

Title Deed Registration

Purchaser’s Details Form

Title Deed Registration Form

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Al_Mouj_Muscat_-_Transfer_of_Ownership_Form Al_Mouj_Muscat_-_Transfer_of_Ownership_Process_Flowchart

Purchaser’s guide and Pre-request Form to the Transfer of Title process.

Transfer of Ownership Process Flow

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General Forms

Al_Mouj_Muscat_-_Tenancy_Agreement_Form Al_Mouj_Muscat_-_Confirmation_of_Contact_Details_Form Al_Mouj_Muscat_-_Third_Party_Acknowledgment_Form Al_Mouj_Muscat_-_Acknowledgment_for_Real_Estate_Companies_Form

Tenancy Agreement Form

The form is used for the purpose of issuing a no objective certificate (NOC) to the municipality (In case the title deed is not issued).

Confirmation of Contact Details

Payment Acknowledgment Form

The form is used in the case that the payment is not made by the concerned Purchaser/Owner.

Third Party Payment Acknowledgment Form (Real Estate Company)

The form is used in the case that the payment is made by the concerned Real Estate company.

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